Case Results

The Law Offices of Michael C. Murphy is equipped with heavy hitting trial attorneys who can handle all types of complex matters.  Our clients include blue collar workers, small business owners, large multi-national corporations, and non-profit organizations.  No matter or case is too small to be given adequate attention and consideration.  We give all of our clients fair treatment and the highest level of integrity.  

Below is a list of some of the highlight cases and successful jury verdicts we have obtained over the years.  Please click the links below to find out more about our success stories:

  1. Welco Electronics, Inc. v. Nicholas Mora
  2. Fletcher v. Dow Chemical Company
  3. Wolslagel v. Great Earth International
  4. Singleton v. Hoag
  5. Andres v. Schmetzer
  6. NIAI v. Insurance Commissioner
  7. Joy adv. Central Tech. University
  8. Oscar Muro v. John Harrington
  9. Menke et. al. v. Lamb
  10. Sirkin v. Elliott
  11. Nanes & Wasserman v. Larry Garrison
  12. Studwell Inc. v. Pacific Economic Development Corp.
  13. Williams v. Argueta et. al.
  14. H & H Wilson v. PED
  15. Clericuzio v. Demos Unlimited
  16. Dulion v. Hart
  17. Talpis v. Wah
  18. Carlos v. Hashim dba Burger King
  19. Baba Nikou v. Aghajan Khoubian
  20. Rose and Joe Esqueda
  21. Tang v. Ng
  22. Kokshanian v. Spectrum Securities, et al.
  23. Chevron USA, Inc. v. Baldeep S. Bhullar
  24. Chevron USA, Inc. v. Maureen de Koff
  25. Softbelly's, Inc. v. Michael Bivens, et al.
  26. Blue Dolphin Ent. Ltd. v. Gary Walters, et al.
  27. Karen Zappia v. Fitovers Eyewear and Paul Stables, et al.
  28. Montano v. Feinstein
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