Cumis Counsel

Cumis counsel are attorneys who are hired or have been retained to represent a client in an insurance matter.  At times, the insured will express their intent to hire their own legal counsel and the insurance carrier is obligated to pay for those litigation expenses. In most scenarios, the insurer and insured agree to retain a single law firm to represent their interests. 

Throughout the years, the Law Offices of Michael C. Murphy has been retained to serve as Cumis counsel to pursue and litigate a multitude of cases due to our highly experienced litigation counsel. We have litigated cases over a diverse area of the law and have successfully resolved all different types of complex legal issues. Once carriers and/or clients have witnessed our effective trial skills, they have immediately retained us.  Please contact us now if you would like to discuss retaining our firm for your matter.

The following is a list of the insurance carriers that we have retained our firm:

  1. West American Insurance Co.
  2. Allstate Insurance Co.
  3. Farmers Insurance Co.
  4. Lumberman's Insurance Co.
  5. CNA Insurance
  6. Lancer Insurance Services
  7. Compass Insurance
  8. Maryland Casualty Insurance Co.
  9. National American Insurance Co.
  10. Allianz Insurance Co.
  11. American Empire Surplus Lines
  12. Golden Eagle Insurance Co.
  13. Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.
  14. 20th Century Insurance Co.
  15. Balboa Casualty Insurance Co.
  16. Chubb Insurance Co.
  17. Universal North America Ins. Co.
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