Softbelly's, Inc. v. Michael Bivens, et al.

Plaintiff client brought a lawsuit against defendants Michael Bivens and Screen Team, Inc. in the Los Angeles Superior Court for breach of contract, fiduciary duties, fraud, interference with business opportunities and contracts, and for declaratory relief. The plaintiff obtained a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction. The plaintiff was able to defeat all pretrial motions brought by the defendants to change venue, to increase the bond to $500,000 and was successful with its motions in limine to exclude offsetting evidence that the defendant attempted to introduce into evidence during the trial in the sum of $56,000 due to discovery abuses by the defendant.

This was a bench trial which was presided over by Judge Aurilio Munoz. The plaintiff obtained a $108,000 judgment, a court order confirming that $76,000 in accounts receivables belonged to it, a permanent injunction ordering the defendants to stop interfering with its business and using its intellectual property rights to compete and over $4,000 in costs of suit.