Free Initial Evaluation

Every one of our potential clients receives a free initial case evaluation to discuss their potential rights, interests, and remedies.  We have attorneys who can meet you at our offices in Burbank, CA and Westlake Village, CA.  Unlike other firms, no case is too small to be given adequate time and consideration that you deserve.  We will be honest and upfront with you because integrity and trust are the most important virtues in our firm.  

If you decide to schedule a free initial case evaluation, all of the information that you share with us is protected by the ethical duty of confidentiality. Our discussions will remain in strict confidence and secrecy.  

Upon hiring our firm, we will need you to sign a written retainer agreement.  At that moment, the attorney-client privilege protects all communications exchanged between us in furtherance of the matter we are litigating and/or handling.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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