Tang v. Ng

The plaintiff brought a claim against our client in the Los Angeles Superior Court for fraud, conversion, emotional distress and for the solicitation of his murder. The plaintiff claimed that our client conspired with the plaintiff’s wife to have him killed. The plaintiff also claimed that our client had taken assets out of a business partnership that owns and operates a large vineyard in Sonoma Valley, California. Our client denied the claim and contended that he did nothing wrong and that the plaintiff was simply trying to obtain the upper hand in the divorce proceedings with his wife. The plaintiff demanded that our claim pay him $5,000,000 to settle this case which settlement demand was rejected.

This case then went to trial with the Honorable Martin Wegman presiding. After the plaintiff presented his evidence, we moved for nonsuit which was granted by the court and the case as to our client was dismissed. The court awarded our client his attorney’s fees and costs.